The Leap Year

About us

Multiple vocals with a distinctly Australian soul, The Leap Year formed in 2006 after longstanding relationships between friends. The group quickly began playing shows around Western Australia all the while preparing for their debut full-length record With A Little Push, A Pattern Appears. Now often playing alongside international heavyweights Spoon, Low, Swervedriver and the like, the band released their second album The Narrowing in 2013. In 2015 they released a 7" single called Knesting/Dental Work.

“The Leap Year have perfectly and realistically simulated a gorgeous interpretation of melancholy (one completely devoid of self-indulgence and petty whining) to produce what should really become your new favourite record”

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Hear us

Head to our Facebook page for updates about live shows.

We have a new 7" record called Knesting/Dental Work.

Our albums and t-shirts are available through Hobbledehoy Records.

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